The Power of Fun

I have barely touched the computer now for 10 days except to pack and unpack it. I took it to work with me in Ocala but as it turned out I couldn’t connect with Scottie’s network – we don’t know why. I might have been able to figure it out if I’d had more time but honestly, in the five days we were there I had only minutes to myself and the most pressing decision was always whether to try to get a short nap or a short shower. I hope to avoid taking her there by myself in the future.

This is the time of year that makes Florida famous. It is so remarkably gorgeous outside with cool nights and warm, sunny days. It was perfect yesterday for the second annual birthday kayak outing.  This year instead of searching out the alligator infested swamps of Little Manatee River with a stranger for my paddle partner (like last year) I opted for the quiet inland waterway, with a cocktail and lunch at Mar Vista for the midpoint. The interesting part was introducing Arlette to a water experience completely new to her. I had asked several times if she would like to go out on the kayak with me but I always got a negative response – come to find out she’s just not been a big fan of large bodies of water where she might have to save herself by swimming to shore. A little bit of inexperience and fear, which, I’m glad to say, we have now overcome.
Sam, bless his heart, was once again willing to lend me his two person kayak and trailer. I drove up and got them Tuesday night. Wednesday morning at 10 Arlette arrived and we drove together out to Longboat Key and put the boat in the bayou at Scottie’s house.  I am very proud of Arlette. Other than concentrating a little intensely for the first half hour she showed no signs of being uneasy.  By the time we crossed under the bridge and pulled up by Whitney Beach she was pretty much in love with the whole thing, I’m thinking.  The pelicans and herons were everywhere, the mullet were jumping, the water was so blue it didn’t look  real.

I love the novelty of being able to paddle to Mar Vista on the beach, pull up the kayak and sit at a table within feet of the water while having lunch. I always feel like a tourist, or a rich person. I had a mango daquiri and it was definitely a birthday splurge since it cost as much as the wrap sandwich I had for lunch. Each time I take someone new on this particular outing I remember the four or five other favorite people who’ve done it with me at other times.  We had an excellent talk time while eating and watching people and boats. Now, don’t you just want to get down here and do it?!

I was a little worried that my arms (shoulder) and wrists might pay the price for all this fun but decided that of all the things that might make me hurt, I would rather have it be my passion than my work.  When I’m working the pain is during and after. When I’m having fun the pain, if there is any, is only after. I guess that’s the power of fun.

One thought on “The Power of Fun

  1. Sure was a lot of fun…..but I am afraid that Shirley did most of the "driving". I did paddle a lot, but we would still trying to get to the Mar Vista, had not Shirley been at the helm! It probably did not help her arthritis, but she never complained….what good friend.Arlette

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