The Home Cooked Meal

I invited two people over for supper. I don’t really know what I’m going to serve them so it’s a good thing they aren’t fussy. They just want to eat something cooked in someone’s home. I do this almost every week that I’m home and not traveling and the main reason is because it makes me clean at least part of the house, and cook a meal.

It isn’t necessarily easy or quick to make supper for people, although I have put a beans and weenies meal on the table in less than 20 minutes for those who will eat them. Usually it takes me several hours to think of all the parts of it, check out what I have in the freezer than needs to be used, cook the main things, make a salad, get all the needed stuff out on the table, make a drink, … and then there’s the clean up if your kitchen is in view like mine is. Better plan on it taking the whole afternoon after I get home from work. 

Today it has to be simple because in the middle of my prep time I’m having to go have a new serpentine belt put in my Aztek. And it’s very possible there will be other interruptions. As I sit here, not cooking, I’m wondering if the frozen chicken breasts sitting on the counter will turn into something scrumptious by the time Hector and Carroll arrive at 7 pm. I’m looking to my creative side and wishing it would wake up and do something. Whatever happens I can be pretty sure they will come in with hugs and good appetites and eat it all up as long as I have Ranch dressing to go with it. Ranch dressing and ice tea mix – my magic meal ingredients.

Go to go. My creative side just said to get on up to Acapulco and buy Mexican take-out.

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