Lawn work, friend or foe?

I have to say that I need to learn how to protect myself from lawn work. It’s always out there (in my lawn) waiting for me and I never meet up with it without coming away sore and feeling beaten up. I was just going to blow some leaves off the drive today and instead spent a couple hours in the One Acre Woods, which by the way is what I have decided to name our place. The first work that caught me was pulling vines out of trees and chopping off rogue palm trees. There was a bit of raking under the kapok tree, and a few bags of cement rocks and debris from an old project to get rid of.  Four big trash cans full of sticks, moss and rotting grapefruit later I started feeling a little damaged in my arms. I went in for my Ibuprofen fix – after blowing the leaves off the driveway. More work jumped up on the list for tomorrow, as if I’m going to fall for that.

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