I simply want to write. Nothing fancy. I want what I write to be easy to read, easy to understand, easy to think about.  There is nothing about my life or my experiences that is newsworthy or dramatic or unusual.  But I believe that the average, day to day life of any individual is unique and can be shared with others to the benefit of all.   I want to celebrate common life and give dignity and value to all those minutes, hours and days that we often deem to be boring and not worth mentioning.  If those times are worth living then they had better be worth mentioning.  I’m just sayin…

July 2017

As time has gone by, I find this becoming somewhat of a lifestyle blog. Time brings us problems to solve, challenges in our health, decisions and more decisions… and sometimes we can share our walk through time and help each other. My writing is my attempt to do that.  My goal is healthy thinking, healthy eating, healthy activity, healthy relationships – so when, and if, those things happen I will gratefully write and share.  I will be putting links to my posts on being your own health advocate in the page by that name. Check it out!


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shirley, I really love the first sentence — ‘I simply want to write.’ Direct, and I can relate to it as well. 🙂 Will check out your ‘being your own health advocate’ page too. 🙂

  2. Wonderful sentiments on your About page. I couldn’t agree more with your values. Thanks so much for the follow and I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂

  3. Shirley, I just read your VERY interesting, educational, insightful, and uplifting posts about your most recent Cambodia trip. Appreciate the time you spend sharing your experiences and experience with others.


    • Thanks Susan. I have another Cambodia journey coming in June this year and I have a feeling it will seem new to me since I’m taking one of my daughter’s this time.

  4. Hi Shirley,
    Greetings from WY!
    I think Tom Williams has been working on the AC/Big Sandy website to make it so people are notified when someone leaves them a message. If so, that’s why you were suddenly notified (albeit months later) about the message I posted to you.
    Thanks for responding, and steering me to your blog to learn about your travels. I enjoyed reading some of your recent posts just now. Can you give me a date (or approximate date) that would include your stories from Africa?
    Congrats to you and Dennis on 42 years!!

    Hugs, sue

    • Hi Sue,
      My stories from Cambodia (not Africa yet)are in December and January of 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-14. I went during Christmas break for those three years but did not go this last year. Might try for a summer trip this year though. Thanks for reading!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog…

    I am not studying at present, but am hoping to return to studying very soon..I am employed as Freelance at current..

    I am hoping to study my master’s in Management.

  6. Hello Shirley! Wow, what a neat blog!!!! I found it today while searching for YOU 🙂

    I think I know you (and Dennis) from our old days at AC… when we were still young 🙂 I married first time, ten years ago and live with my husband in Dubois, Wyoming. For fun (LOL), I teach online classes for the University of Wyoming.

    Would love to see you and Dennis join the AC Big Sandy website, to update us all on your lives and so that you can reconnect with others you’ve lost contact with over the years. It’s free, and only takes a minute:http://www.ambassadorbigsandyalumni.com/class_index.cfm. Or, just google your name and ambassador college big sandy.

    Can you believe it will soon be 40 years since our graduation from college?

    Love, sue

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