A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter G)

A sign for the letter G

But as for my theme, G is for Garage

Once upon a time, in Florida, we did not have a garage. We had a carport only. It never really was enough room even for our car, truck and trailers. When we moved to the oneacrewoods, we were overjoyed to have a large two car, attached garage with an automatic door opener! My parents in the adjoining house also had a large two car garage. Both of these garages had pull down ladders leading to large attic storage space. I don’t know how many readers will recognize the potential for catastrophe here, but I will just tell you – it is real and present danger, unless you are a very disciplined, organization freak.

We are savers. At one time our garage was so full that I stored my precious lumber (yes, I had lumber) on the floor in piles just high enough that I could park the car over them. Every spare part for sprinklers, various engines, draperies and blinds, lawn equipment, along with nuts, bolts, nails and hardware from every project we ever attempted was all put in the garage. At one time, effort was made to corral like items in boxes, jars and little cases with tiny plastic drawers but it never worked very well. At least 50% of this stuff was/is unusable and should be thrown away, but that is a job in itself and we are always tired when we get done with our projects.

When the hurricane came last year, I got both of our vehicles in the garage but I don’t know how I did it and it hasn’t happened since.

And because I’ve just carried everything down from the attic, it won’t be happening this week either. BUT SOON.

Now, garage clean up has to happen in order to sell the house. And it includes the attics above the garages! I understand, the buyer is not going to want my stuff. I don’t even want my stuff. I feel embarrassed at the 10 years worth of National Geographics that I saved and was going to use for…? And  how is it that there are more seashells to be found in my attic than at the seashore? And do you know that it’s probably 120 degrees up there?

These magazines weigh a ton! I hope they weren’t valuable, nah….

The truck and men that I wrote about a few days ago took the big furniture out for me but I have been working on the boxes of saved toys and glassware, books and canning jars all afternoon. The renters are still working on their side too but I think this might be their last truckload.


Today I read about something called dostadning, or “death cleaning”, which is a Scandinavian term for getting rid of your stuff so your children don’t have to do it after you’re dead. But really, it would be good for us to do a little of this for our own well-being and sanity. Keep this in mind, the only thing worse than having to clean the garage is having a garage sale, because then you have wasted a whole half day (at least) and still have to re-store the leftovers in your garage or haul them to a donation place. Just give it all away in the first place. My thoughts.

5 thoughts on “A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter G)

  1. I look at all I’ve accumulated over the years, and I know I should have started downsizing years ago. But after having sorted out all my Dad’s stuff — and thrown out all the National Geographic Magazines he had saved (except the maps — I love maps) — I am not looking forward to beginning on my own stuff. Ugh.

    I applaud you.

  2. I am the recipient of my beloved father-in-laws stuff. It’s all contained in a 120 X 60 foot building….on the opposite side of town. He was a saver. Enough said. I’ll send prayers for you 🙂

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