A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter E)

Today’s letter E sign was encouraging.

More excitement (another E word!) today, if you want to call it that. The plumber came! He cleaned drains, replaced corroded valves, and fixed the shower that always gave us cold water when we turned it to hot, and hot water when we turned it to cold. All these things and a few more were called out in the home inspection (more about that when we get to letter I). And if that wasn’t enough fun, the termite inspector came too. South of the Mason-Dixon line, every frame house has dry wood termites about every 12 years and needs to be tented. I got a tutorial on the critters as we went through every room of the two houses, including attics. The good news – we don’t have any.

E is for Escrow

It’s a little boring, so I’ll be quick. Escrow just means that some third party has come in and is helping two others complete a transaction by keeping money or a deed in their possession until all parts of the contract have been fulfilled. When we get our buyer, escrow will be handled by a title company. When everything stipulated in the contract is complete, we will go to the title company, sign all the appropriate papers, pay all our fees, and the money for the sale will be released. It has been held in escrow until this time.

Another escrow moment, which I understand more and appreciate, is the quasi “savings account” collected by the bank to pay the taxes and insurance on property. Those yearly costs never bother us anymore because they are collected a little at a time, added to the mortgage payment. The bank is the third party helping us and the insurance company, or the tax collector, complete our transactions on time. It’s a good thing.

E is also for Escape, because I have found that selling the house feels a little like I’m RUNNING AWAY from something. I’m tired of being a landlord and dealing with the problems that tenants present. I’m weary of raking leaves and picking up branches, trying to keep an acre of lawn looking good and maintaining a large, older building. I’m tired of so much traffic and being in the city. Most of all, I’m tired of being so far away from so many people that I want to be with. I don’t expect the next place to be perfect and trouble free but I’m ready for some new problems, in a new place.

With all the challenges that this sale and move present, the whole experience is a lot like the Great Escape. That is what I shall call it.

My apology to all my family and good friends locally. I’m not trying to run away from you and will miss you terribly!

3 thoughts on “A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter E)

  1. Lol! We had an escrow account on one of our homes, and we got a letter the mail that said there was a lien being put on our house because we had not paid all our taxes. We were short a quarter. The bank had made a mistake when they paid our taxes out of the escrow account evidently. I marched down to the town office and promptly gave them their quarter. The notice had cost about a dollar to send out to us. So, don’t get too comfy with that reassuring escrow account and the big brother bank helping you out!

      • It was crazy! There were a couple other very crazy/unusual things that happened that week, too. Thought I must be in the Twilight Zone or on Candid Camera!

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