A cold caught me last weekend.  (Why would anyone want to catch a cold?) I haven’t had one for a while so the experience is making me aware of how much I’ve been missing.  A cold virus does awful things to the body, and I don’t want to go into details because we all know what a cold is like, probably.  I have extra concerns because I work with someone who cannot cope with a respiratory virus in the same way most of us do.  If you can’t really cough when your body wants to, can’t really blow your own nose, and can’t move yourself in bed at night you don’t want to get a cold.

Today I’ve been able to stay at home and do things to boost my immune system and help it fight, but the first couple of days I had to go to work.  I mostly had a terrible headache and scratchy throat and didn’t have a lot of coughing to deal with yet so I worked and wore a mask.  Try covering your head up with a blanket and breathing for a while. It results in feeling a bit oxygen deprived and that’s what a mask feels like, especially when you’re huffing and puffing with exertion. The only thing good about a mask is that no one can see when your nose is dripping. But that is gross.

I am praying to get past the worst parts of this malady quickly.  One experiment I’m working on is trying to avoid taking OTC cold medicines.  My theory is that they dry me up too much and since I’m not a big water drinker anyway, I dry up easily. And then I get laryngitis, or borderline pneumonia. So far, so good.  I’m hoping to be able to sing this weekend and not be so toxic that I have to stay away from all the fun things that I was going to do.  So… out to the kitchen for a vitamin C cocktail and then to bed for a good night’s sleep. Flooding my mind with optimism….

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