Nasty jobs

All sorts of nasty jobs are getting done today. Hector and his friend are pressure washing the house, Dennis is finishing income tax, and I am doing a complete closet cleanse. It started out as a cool, breezy morning which had me opening all the windows and looking forward to airing out the house. Midway through breakfast Heck showed up unexpectedly – another job had postponed – and all the windows got closed again as the water began to fly.

What a job it is to wash a house – or really two houses in our case. Our side is not so difficult, but the two story rental side is, well, it’s another story.  It has steep roofs, and a balcony with white trim and a heavy tree covering which results in lots of mold and tree dirt. Even the metal roof gets dirty, making it pretty slippery when wet. I was just outside watching the process and have to admire the stability of the guy with the wand. He’s managing to stay upright and keep his footing while holding on to that hose that has a mind of it’s own. Heck is lighter and says the pressure pushes him around too much so he works on the ground fixing the ropes and ladders. It will probably take two days. I will have to pay them well because it looks like hard work. The house looks very nice when it’s clean.

The groans and exclamations coming from the table where Dennis and the Mac are doing income tax are a yearly occurrence. As it progresses we have hundreds coming back from the government one minute and owing thousands the next. Such weirdness comes from the program, I’m told. The last report was a $24,000 loss that suddenly came up and can’t be accounted for.  Poor Dennis. This is the one job that I can promise him I will never take away from him. Never. Ever.

And the old clothes closet situation… it’s a “walk in” true, but I’ve seen ones a lot bigger. I don’t know how I can actually lose clothes in there, but in cleaning it out I find stuff I didn’t remember I had. It’s like going shopping but cheaper. And instead of just passing by everything that’s wrinkled, I am ironing things, resulting in all kinds of new wardrobe choices. Did you know that hangers can get dusty? I cleaned all the horizontal surfaces of my clear plastic hangers and now they’re shiny (And keep in mind that this is the FIRST time I’ve ever done this so it’s not like I’m obsessive or anything). The biggest problem for me is that I keep a lot of things that I don’t wear very often – they really might come back in fashion, or I might remodel them. I give up on a few things each time I do this but I have to keep at least a couple of Dennis’s suits (I can’t remember the last time he wore a suit, years ago) and I don’t know what to think about Esther’s wedding dress. I think I was going to mend something on it and send it to her. It makes Gray Kitty very nervous when I have so many things spread out on the bed and the vacuum cleaner standing at the ready – no good, safe place to lie down.

And to complicate all these nasty things taking place, the power has just gone off all over the neighborhood. We have no water for the pressure washer, no internet connection for the computers, and no lights in the closet. Guess we’ll have to take a nap since that is much easier than trying to figure out what to do without electricity. Got to go… battery getting low.

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