Going north, not very far north -, in fact most people in Atlanta would not want to be described as being north of anything, but they are at least nine hours in that direction for us. Traveling for work almost never starts early either because there is so much packing to be done that can be done ahead of time. So our 1 pm departure was pretty good for us.
The remarkable part of this trip was the weather. It’s summer here and there is typically rain in the afternoons. Strangely, the clouds often seem to line up over the interstate (I-75) and you drive in and out of showers through much of Florida. It started for us around Gainesville with some pretty intense downpours. It got worse before long. It was knuckle-biting, white out, 35 mile an hour, 2 inches standing on the road, cars leaving a wake rain for at least an hour. My stomach was in knots. I can only imagine how scary it is for my employer being helplessly strapped in her wheelchair and bolted to the floor of the van, trusting someone else to get her through it. I have to hand it to her – there was no backseat driving AT ALL. This was unusual and remarkable, which is why I am remarking about it. We were relieved to stop in Valdosta at our usual eating place, even though we had to wait for quite a while before we could exit the van.

The only thing worse than driving in torrential rain on the interstate is driving in torrential rain on the interstate in the dark. And of course the roads got a bit more crowded as we went past Macon and on to Atlanta. The windshield of our van had gotten waxed by mistake before the trip and oncoming lights and the rain did a funny reflecting effect that wiped out any piece of visibility I might have had. Thank God for white lines on the side of the road because they are the only things that kept me in my lane. The trucks going past reminded me of jet skis the way the water shot out from under  the wheels. Enough of this horror story. We got there around 11, some friends met us at the hotel and helped unload. I was in bed by 1:30, and yes I had a real queen bed all to myself.

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