#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things M


a happy wave of nostalgia


I know, another collectible. It seems all my favorite things are either practical things or occurrence that I encounter every day or they’re something I collect that has no practical anything about it.

I have been drawn to marbles since grade school when playing “odds or evens” was all the rage and challenging a friend to “10 down last” was a way to possibly win his or her best marbles from them. I remember having my marbles confiscated by the teacher. There were cat’s eyes, steelies, purees, and crackles both in regular size and boulders.

We all had marble bags. Marbles were like money, and you could be both marble rich and marble poor in the space of one afternoon. I used to hide my marble bag in various places to keep it away from my brothers, and as I got older and the craze died off, I lost track of the last hiding place. I still wonder if it was inside the huge old upright piano that my mother finally gave away. That’s where I look in my dreams (yes, I occasionally dream about grade school and marbles).

The digital age has pushed marbles into the antique/thrift shops I’m afraid, or maybe it’s just where I find them because I don’t shop in toy stores anymore. I have a small velvet bag of my favorite marbles just to remind me of how much fun they were, and I’m going to get them out and play with them the next time my young friend Gracie comes over. I’m sure it will be something new for her.

I kind of want to know – is there anyone on earth who has not made a marble pyramid with Elmer’s Glue for their mom for Mother’s Day?


9 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things M

  1. I am sorry you lost your marbles twice. I still have mine. Somewhere. And I keep all the little ones I find that someone else has lost in a special glass container. My dad taught us how to play the game they called “Marbles” when he was young, but none of us wanted to play for keeps. Maybe that’s why I still have mine. Somewhere. 🙂

  2. I loved my marbles, but, as you have, I’ve lost mine. My girls have some, and they’ve created a nameless game in which you sit on the floor facing each other, legs straight and feet touching, trying to knock each other’s out. I have never made my mom a pyramid, but maybe, now, at age 45, it’s time I try it!
    M is for Men I Forgot to Be

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