C for Cambodia, Asia’s Hope children

Cambodia starts with CImage

It’s not a country we hear very much about. Any time I had heard about it prior to my first visit three years ago was in conjunction with the Vietnam war – Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I’m still not an expert but I know enough to have developed a love for the people who live there. Specifically, I know and love the house parents of Joshua’s Hope and Jeremiah’s Hope and their more than 40 children of various ages from toddler to teen. They live in a suburb of Phnom Penh called Prek Eng. They are family to me.


at the airport

They all come to greet me at the airport.

We have meals together.

have to do something while waiting for pizza

We worship together.

they love to sing same songs we do

We play games and watch movies and eat popcorn together.

Twister makes a comeback

We shop, and travel. We share our life stories and pray for each other. We converse on facebook and email all year.

Knowing that people love them enough to spend time and money to visit gives these young people a sense of how valuable they really are. They are precious and they truly are Asia’s Hope. http://www.asiashope.org

Chanra and I on our first bus trip
Chanra and I on our first bus trip

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