Been putting it off…

doctors office

For the last six years I have not darkened the door of a doctor’s office, except on behalf of my employer. No check ups, no mammograms, no anything.  I suppose that is not the best example for a nurse to be giving, but honestly, I feel like I am probably safer and healthier for it.  These days it’s almost like doctors feel they must intervene in some way, usually a pill of some kind, or you wouldn’t be coming to them. And many of their interventions come with weird side effects and complications that end up being worse than what you started with.  So I’ve been trying to stay away from those places sick people go (waiting rooms, yuck!).  There is also the poor excuse of being busy, which I have been, oh and yes, I was also mad at my doctor.  When I get poison ivy and turn into a fiery itching, oozing mess and need a prednisone pack to save my life I don’t like being told that they can’t find 10 minutes somewhere in the schedule to write me a scrip. Go to a walk-in clinic? No, I’m thinking – why bother having a family physician if that’s what they’re going to tell me?

But there are some things that need checking up on occasionally, especially since they are in my family medical history. It is time. Actually it is past time, but I would have recognized if anything urgent had come up, right? ’cause I’m a nurse… .

Last month I laboriously went through the process of hunting up a new doctor.  Laborious because I can’t just pick any doctor.  He or she has to be younger than me so I don’t have to worry about them dying before I do and not being around when I need them. However, that’s not the biggest problem since almost everyone still working is younger than me.  Biggest problem is whether or not they are still accepting new patients.  I will confess that I spent a bit of time looking for someone whose picture I liked (cause I have to look at them, right?) and whose name I liked (some names sound more dangerous than others… Filesticker? what’s with that? sounds dangerous.).  And when I narrowed it down to two possibles, I called and neither one of them were accepting anyone new.

I needed a different process.  I started calling offices alphabetically and asking if they took new patients.  I ended up with Dr. Kassabov.  I don’t know what to think of that name but at least I’m not afraid of it.  Bring on the needles, the scopes, the x-rays.  It’s June and I want to get this over with. Just sayin’…

9 thoughts on “Been putting it off…

  1. I laugh at the TV commercials where the person’s doctor sits across from the patient looking all spiffy and unhurried. Nothing on the desktop ‘cept his script pad and maybe a few expensive things to make the commercial ‘look good’. He / she is smiling and looking soooooooooo happy that you came. I have to control my anger and snide laughter at this and wonder if those “commercial makers” have ever actually been to see a doctor. Or, am I living in a different world up here in Northern WI.???

  2. My husband’s job moves us every 4 years or so. So in 40 years of marriage I have had to find doctors, specialists, dentists, and vets ten times! It is not easy. Sometimes like you, have had to say a prayer and search the phone book!

  3. I can relate to your struggles about finding a good doctor! I recently went through it myself and ended up not really liking the new doctor when I met her – she didn’t listen to me at all.
    I wish there was a doctor meet and greet appointment you could set up with potential docs – no vitals or exam taken but just a 5 minute meeting where you can meet each other and ask them a few questions and get a feel for their personality, bedside manner or where they stand with things that are important to you. I know they are incredibly busy and overworked but so is everyone else – couldn’t they set aside a couple of hours once a month to meet potential new patients. I know I’d be less nervous about going in for an exam for the first time if this was a possibility.
    Good luck at the appointment – hope your new doctor is a good fit!

  4. I, too, am a nurse and I haven’t been to the doctor since my last pre-employment physical almost 7 years ago. Don’t plan on going either. I told my brother recently that if you GO to the doctor they will find something wrong with you. If I don’t go…then nothing is wrong with me. I guess I, too, will know when it is time….

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