Birthday Blog, episode one

If you have to go to work on your birthday, I hope you have as good a day on the job as I did today. It started at the same tedious hour in the dark of early morning, but the bright spot was that the husband came out to the kitchen with a card for me.  He had warned me that he had a lot of trouble picking out a card, and he told me about the one he didn’t get because although the front was complimentary, the inside wasn’t – we all know the kind he was talking about. I like the words on the front of the one he gave me “A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.” I think he was probably a little uncertain about the pic with it,  two little girls holding hands and skipping… oh well. And it did say happy birthday inside.  There are men for whom this kind of task is agonizingly difficult and I hold no ill feelings about being married to one. 

one “to do” and one to undo

I came in to the workplace (my client’s kitchen) and found this sweet little combo.  The card and gift balanced nicely with the to-do list and I felt quite celebrated. The night nurse left me a little birthday note on a paper towel and the housekeeper came by later with ingredients for a pie, which she put together and put in the oven. I have birthday berry pie! She had also seen my birthday come up on her facebook page and had left me a whole flat of strawberries on Saturday.  Her  teen-age daughter gave me some already shelled speckled butter beans to cook. They are amazingly good, I have discovered.  I love my friends at work!

clockwise from top: speckled butter beans, three berry pie, paper towel birthday greeting
And although my birthday is not over yet I’m pretty sure this greeting from a hair salon I visited once four or five years ago (I can’t even remember…) will be the most unheartfelt and perhaps the most merchandising of all that I receive. Did I mention it’s in Atlanta?

As I recall, the flight up there would cost about the same as the haircut. But it was a nice cut.

So now I’m home blogging, cooking the beans and getting ready for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Birthday week – bring it on!

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