Birthweek: Episode 2

from my single serving birthday cake

This is the fourth day of birthweek, over the halfway mark and closing in fast on the finish line.  This is also the first free day I’ve had from work and perhaps my expectations of it were a bit high.  Or maybe I have in some strange way met those expectations already but don’t realize it. I haven’t been idle by any means.

Backing up a bit, Tuesday I did have a birthday adventure worth mentioning. I had asked a friend who has a large fruit/vegetable farm if I could have some of their post-season strawberry plants. Down here they plant large fields of them every fall and when they have fruited and been picked, they plow them under.  However, being from a different climate originally, I am well aware that you can keep strawberries growing and they will make new plants for the next season.  It’s a lot hotter here and they need proper protection and watering but the plants can survive the heat – I have done it successfully before, once.  I haven’t done it since because I haven’t had a place to plant them and the initial cost has been too much. Strawberry plants in the garden stores cost up to $3 each.  But my friend said to get all the plants I wanted, so I did. I got a couple helpers and we dug up close to 100 plants and brought them home.  I planted 50 that afternoon and have given some away and have a few still to plant.

my strawberry plants in the back of my car – on their way to a new home

Wednesday was an interesting day but only two of the happenings related to my birthday.  I got a present of two pieces of gum from a friend AND I found a birthday card from my parents under a stack of mail that had been lying around for a few days. It was a great card and definitely worth finding. It made me want to go look for other cards. Who knows? It happened once, it can happen again. 

And today, Thursday, was time for Boone coffee hour Florida style, at my house.  I had done a lot of the preparing Wednesday night and finished cooking some pancakes and making some potato hash while the crew gathered.  We had such a good time of eating and talking and sharing our lives and experiences.  I am thankful we have a family where up to four generations of people all value the times together enough to make sure they happen regularly, even at a cost.  Wendell and Lois drove down from Brooksville (which they have done three times this winter). They represent the oldest generation. And Gracie Lapointe is our youngest member of the family who was present.

Our four generation photo op

Just try getting this many heads in the picture when you’re taking it yourself.

Jerry brought me my only birthday cake so far – cute, small and chocolate. Gracie and I ate it. Rich was missing because he had to work and Dennis is not in the pictures because he left early. There were seven of us. 

I was left with a bit more than half the day to spend. I finished a book that I think God wanted me to read. I feel like I’m getting my next assignment, but more on that later.  I had a good talk on the phone with my Mom.  Now I’m going into my room with my art supplies and I’m not coming out until I create something.

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