2013 Morning Off

Various thoughts as the morning progresses…

6am – Gray Kitty is scratching on the furniture in here somewhere close to the bed. Dennis must have left the bedroom door open. I’m not getting up this early. I’ll get up as if to feed her and when she runs out into the kitchen I’ll close the door and go back to bed. Yes.

6:30 – okay I’ll get up, lots to do before pest control guys come. Feed the cats. Turn up the heat, brr…

6:45 – Coffee just tastes different when it’s not in a travel mug. Good change. Sit down in the quiet and see if I can get a sense of what my orders are for the day. Only God knows, although I have plenty of plans.

7:30 – What should I dress/look like today since I’m not going to work? Hair is really straight in this dry, cold weather – going to leave it down to keep me warm. Gotta clean up this closet a bit, finish the vacuuming I started a week ago and never completed.

8:00 – Oh no, why is Scottie calling me? Day nurse didn’t have a ride to work? Whaaa…?  Okay, I’d rather give her a ride there than work it myself. I’ll go get her. An hour out of my morning isn’t going to ruin my day.  30 more miles on my car isn’t going to kill it.  Not my plan, for sure, but I can handle it. Graciously. I hope.

Pest control is here… maybe Dennis can stay and monitor them. He says the boss will complain that he’s late and is not too happy about it so I’ll have to hurry.

I wonder who Scottie is going to be mad at? What can I say to Kelly as she sits in the car with me on the way out there? I don’t want her to have a bad day. What on earth is her life like?

She wants me to stop at McDonald’s on the way so she can get breakfast?! What on earth is her life like? she is remarkably calm for the situation she’s in. I really need to pray that employer doesn’t give her a hard time. We all need a little mercy.

9:30 Home again. I’ll just start the day over. Another cup of coffee, maybe. Pest control wants in to the rental side of the house. where is that key? Hmm… there is a car here but no one is answering the door. Why not? I don’t really like that she’s invited someone else in to live with her without checking with us. I told her we needed to get in and she gave permission so I’m going in.

Waiting while they treat the house…. wow, when renter leaves it’s going to be a real job to clean up in here.  We may have to move over here while we remodel and rent out our side instead.  Wish I knew someone who would live on  our side and take good care of it.  Her husband’s wheelchair has really done a job on the door trim.

Pest control guy wants to know what we rent the house for. He wants to live here, no kidding? There is a man sleeping upstairs and it’s definitely not her husband. I really have to talk with my renter about this. not my favorite kind of conversation.

10:30 So now my house is sufficiently poisoned for a bug free year. The kitchen counters are all a mess – if I clean and put everything back am I just wiping off the treatment I paid $500 for? I wonder if living with bugs is all that bad?

11:00 Crazy morning recorded in blog. What’s next God? Bring it on.

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