There is a particular time of the year in Florida where fruit and vegetables can very nearly overwhelm a person in their abundance. Now is that time. The last of the citrus is falling off the trees all by itself – use it or lose it. The tomato crop came ripe and the farmers are practically giving it away. Strawberries are still around, the pineapples are ripening, food stuff is everywhere. Unfortunately this means fruit flies are everywhere and this means war.

They have striped bodies and large red eyes and appear magically out of nowhere and begin to multiply within minutes, and I mean multiply. If they were our size we’d be done for. Of course you have to get rid of their food source, which is alcohol from fermenting food, or alcohol of any kind, or even dish cloths, sponges, etc… Last week, my move was to juice up all the oranges from our Valencia tree which had been sitting around in a big tub, waiting…  Well, it didn’t work and a day later I was searching the kitchen for the next battleground. Spy work it is.  I found a potato that was mostly maggot fodder and got rid of that – surely, the problem was solved.  But no, yesterday morning I came out into the kitchen and as I approached the sink a cloud of flies swarmed out and I actually had to protect myself. Shut the eyes and don’t breathe kind of protection. Thinking that the garbage disposal may have been harboring some food I ran it and cleaned the opening really good.  Later that day as the swarm continued I got serious and poured boiling water down the drain as I ran the disposal. They stopped coming out there. 

But today they are still in the kitchen sitting on the walls and on the coffee pot and crawling across my computer screen – aaaahhgg. Searching for some bigger guns, I went to the web to find out what to do. I don’t know if any of it will work but I’ve had a good laugh. The plan I like best is “put some rotting food in the oven and when it’s covered with flies shut the door quick and incinerate them”. Satisfying but rather energy intensive.

Long ago people used to think that critters like rats, mice, and fruit flies spontaneously generated from filth, food refuse, piles of dirty underwear, etc… They say that’s been disproved but I’m checking the laundry next just to make sure.

2 thoughts on “War

  1. Actually, that would be a lot of fun. I think my cats would enjoy it too (kind of like the geckos they maul outside…). Is this something you've tried? If they're eating a lot they probably leave poop all over, right?

  2. I recommend buying several chameleons and letting them roam wild in your kitchen…Just make sure the garbage disposal is empty before running it;)

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