While waiting to know if I should plan the next AT hike I decided it would be a good thing to see if I could walk for more than a half hour here in flat Florida.  I’m thinking of myself as being “in training”. Sunday I did a solo walk in the park next door. ( I say solo because I’m walking without the husband along – he gets his three intensive walks a week at the Cardiac Rehab place.  Now, I will ask him if he wants to go on the AT but I have no idea if he will rise to the challenge.) Monday I decided to stop on the way home from work and walk on a wildlife trail near the beach. Today I hiked around the village of Bradenton Beach.  I’m just realizing how many places I haven’t explored on foot. These places need to be visited. I am newly motivated and am on a quest for wonder. 

Wonder = moments of spiritual awakening that make you want to know God more.

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