Sunday Walk

It was a unrivaled beautiful day today, inside and outside.  The husband and I went on an urban hike after church.  I packed a low-fat lunch in my back pack and we set out on what I have labeled the Palm View Loop.  This is part of my plan to get moving in 2013. Actually we walked yesterday too but we had a stupid argument before we left so it wasn’t as much fun as today. (I might add that if you do argue, you might feel better after walking for a while. It helps.)

So we set off and kept up a pretty good clip all the way through Golf Lakes Park then across the busy highway to Palm View Park. We did the loop around their pretty lake and back home almost the same way we came.  It took about one hour and 45 minutes, not counting the time we stopped to eat our lunch. 

I downloaded MapMyWalk onto my smart phone in order to track our progress and measure how far it was.  First of all, it’s almost impossible to read my smart phone in bright sunlight.  I pressed start and the app kept track of our time but had us going 0 miles.  It was 3.77 miles, however it took me 3 hours on the computer after we got home to figure that out. Two hours walking, three hours on the computer… yeah that sounds about like life these days.  Oh my goodness, how frustrating can they make a map program!?  I logged onto the website to put the route in manually. It refused to start at our home address – I guess we aren’t on the map. And the idiot in my computer kept picking different routes than the ones I was telling him we traveled. Yes there are directions on how to do it all but you have to FIND THEM FIRST!

Okay, I’m all calmed down now. I even managed to snap a picture on the route, in our yard.  It is time for the kapok tree to bloom and, well if there were a nice word for litter I would use it, but I don’t think of one now. You don’t want to stand under this tree. The flowers are big and meaty and they come from waaaaay up high. They’ll dent your car. But they make a pretty red covering for the drive.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Walk

  1. […] Monday morning I got up early, hoping to survey the Oneacrewoods as soon as there was light. The first thing visible shocked me like I haven’t been shocked in a long time. Our landmark kapok tree was lying horizontal on the ground. It had ripped down through our large grapefruit trees, and had also taken limbs from the surrounding oaks. Some of it’s larger top branches were caught up in the oaks, dangling precariously. It had missed a minivan belonging to one of our friends by a few feet, crashed through a board fence and landed across the neighboring driveway.  The torn root ball was up in the air, exposing a huge hole filled with mud. It might be a little silly to be emotionally attached to a tree, but I’m a silly woman when it comes to nature. It was a special tree. […]

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