Eating Weird

Today I realized that I could make a lot of people with strange eating patterns feel better about themselves by giving them something to compare with. Others might actually be inspired in some way (just to throw in a bit of optimism).

This afternoon I was being health conscious and decided to pass up an afternoon cup of coffee and have water instead.  Upon further consideration I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add some Royal D vitamin powder (from Cambodia) to the water, being that it is flu season.  I had just eaten lunch, an apple and half a cup (well, maybe a cup) of mixed nuts and was deciding how they felt in my stomach.  I usually eat this kind of lunch in the car on my way home from work but on the weekend, sitting at home, it felt different and was kind of giving me a headache. Back to the coffee – sometimes coffee is good for headaches and the freshly brewed pot smelled pretty good – I had some of that too, and an Excedrin. 

A little later, feeling a bit jumpy but very alert, I needed something to calm me down and thought maybe some yogurt would do the trick. I ate cherry Greek yogurt while I was cleaning the papers off my desk. Now is a good time to mention that an important element in eating weird is that it helps to be doing something besides just eating. You can be driving, watching TV, reading or just about anything that takes your focus off the thing you are eating. Suddenly, the food is gone and you don’t even remember eating it. 

Another thing that helps you eat weird is not having anything at all to focus on.  It was only a few minutes later that I got stalled on the deskwork and not finding any of the available tasks to my liking I wandered into the kitchen (having a kitchen also contributes to eating weird) thinking that I should eat some bread.  Bread balances yogurt, weird but true. So I made a sandwich with bread, butter, peanut butter and a near-death banana. I don’t know why I went back to the refrigerator at this point, but I did, and saw some left-over pasta with veggies. It looked really good, kind of like the bread, so I ate the pasta and the sandwich. I guess the most important characteristic of a weird eater is that they don’t really care what they eat or when they eat it.  I don’t feel full very often, or hungry either for that matter. There is still a carton of rice pudding in the fridge but I might not eat it tonight. After all, even I know when to stop…

Hmm…. looking pretty good there.


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