24 hours at the farm

Two hours… slightly longer than the average church service, roughly equivalent to two TV shows or one feature length movie, a generous naptime, the time it takes to mow the lawn. None of these things seem difficult to endure but put me in the car for the trip to Gainesville and two hours becomes mind numbing and an insurmountable length of time. I only made one batch of popcorn to take along because otherwise I would have eaten the whole way, just to stay alert enough to stay in my lane. When the popcorn was gone I had to resort to the radio.

My favorite station,, which is the only one I can listen to along the whole route, was fundraising. That was only slightly less aenesthetizing and in my crazed state I was actually thinking “yes, yes, come on, one more caller, you can do it!!” So I switched to country music which is usually very entertaining. And it was that, mostly because of the variety. I was first brought to tears by “Jesus, Take the Wheel” (I can’t do it justice in an explanation so you’ll just have to listen for it yourself) and then taught how to escape from prison, the warden and his dog “Red”. Oh, and there was also the little four year old who learned to pray AND say four letter words by watching his daddy. I am always amazed that I make the trip without dying from road hypnosis, an MVA or overeating.

So I am on the couch now, watching the “lady vet” do some homework for tomorrow. I have already done my ritual poop shoveling down in the barn, petted the cats, dogs and horses, cooked dinner and eaten it with Julie and roommate Jen.  Tomorrow I will reacquaint myself with the yard and gardens and pastures that need cleaning up.  I view this as motherly morale boosting and a bit of my own escapism. My life seems kind of overwhelming lately. So many of my close contacts are having problems that have no easy solutions and although they are not directly my problems, I am involved.  There are just way too many things to pray about and too many answers to be waiting on. So, to come here is refreshing in that there is a whole new set of problems that are fresh and unfamiliar to me. It seems that having problems is one of the requirements of human life, and that even in good times there are still those situations that are not so good. 

I am preparing to learn new things about persevering and staying the course.

Day 2 at the farm: What a gorgeous day in central Florida! The dog and I woke up about the same time and I got to let her out. She is a good dog (only snored a little last night). Good coffee and my favorite cranberry walnut bread for breakfast. I got to let the horses out and put out a bale of hay for their day’s ration. The pastures are very short on grass but horses still have to eat something all day long – that’s just what a horse does. Julie and Jen are off to school by 8. I decide my first task will be picking up sticks in the yard and pastures so the lawnmower doesn’t have to eat them.

Picking up sticks is a simple description but the job involves a lot more – listening to the birds, playing with the dogs, watching out for snakes, pretty much the whole nature experience. The horses get curious and walk around me and the wheelbarrow to see what’s happening. As long as I don’t have a halter or rope in my hand they don’t mind getting close.  I forget to close a gate and the next thing I know, three of them are in the yard where the grass is a little longer. They love it and I can’t get them to go back where they belong so I let them graze.

Julie comes back for lunch and eats in front of the computer as she prepares her second presentation of the day. She was feeling overwhelmed earlier in the week and called to vent a little, but I am pleasantly surprised. The house is clean, the refrigerator is well stocked (and nothing appears to be decomposed), the animals are happy, things look really good in the physical.  Good job Julie.

I will spend a little more time outdoors and then… another two hours in the car. Oh well.

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