wind, words, whys

Today I am restless and out of sorts (I do not know what a sort is or how it came to mean what it means…). It’s a restless day – windy outside and 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Things are falling out of the trees every time we get a gust and the lawn that was just “vacuumed” yesterday is getting littered again. Wind always makes me feel like something is coming.

I suppose a restless spirit is a good thing if you know what to do with it. I’ve tried praying about it, talking it out with God, working it to death with laundry and cleaning, eating it out of existence (chocolate) and about all there is left is to wait and listen for something… the wind, maybe. I don’t really know.

Words are pretty powerful when you think about it. To be able to write or speak and describe something you’re feeling is almost like a therapy that sets the feelings free. We write words down to convey our history. Spoken words form a child’s perception of himself. The words we decide to use give others an impression of who we are or aren’t. Words and slogans sell things and make fortunes happen for some. Words can ruin people’s lives. It almost makes me want to quit speaking and writing – except for the fact that lack of words can also ruin people’s lives.  Language and communication is a very serious thing and I think it’s very wise of the Bible to warn that we are going to be held accountable for every word we say. I haven’t always been as careful as I should be and I wish I knew where all my apologies should go. Probably to everyone who reads these posts for starters… I hope to do better.

I have to say that most of the time the words that I hear from others are like the breath of life to me.  Just the fact that someone speaks to me at all means that I am noticed or thought of and worthy of some communication. Words encourage me, reassure me, inform me, make me laugh (and cry) and stir me to love people. The right word at any time can make my day and give me hours of happiness.  I have a theory that lots of the people on facebook are there just looking for a personal word from someone that acknowledges their existence, makes them feel part of a community. Why are we this way? I have my theories about that too.
All for now. I have to go think for a while.

Talk (write) to me.

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