The weekend already…

First, I have something to clear up. Someone who actually reads my blog and knows how far it is to Gainesville has brought it to my attention that doing the 180 miles in two hours would be going 90 miles an hour. I didn’t do that. I only counted interstate miles in my reckoning which cuts off about 15 miles. I also round it down because I don’t want to type “two and a half hours” or “two and a quarter hours” every time I mention how long it took.  I am not the fastest car on the road by any means but I do go with the traffic and sometimes the fast lane. And I had absolutely no slow downs or traffic hazards this last time too which helped the trip immenseley. Thanks so much for worrying about me (and for reading my stories).

Oh, the weekend. I feel like I’m on the end of a diving board about ready to jump off and hit the water. When I come up for air, it will be Monday. This weekend will be remarkable, I’m sure, because we are having house guests.  A high school musical group called Metro East is coming to the Lutheran church to give a couple concerts on Sunday. They were actually brought in by some other church that backed out at the last minute for unknown reasons and BSLC accepted the challenge to take over. And I guess it was a challenge to find houses for all 40+ people to stay in Saturday night. It sounded like fun to me so I volunteered to take 2 girls. They arrive at the church Saturday night – I am at church anyway – and are having a pizza supper there and then coming home with us. The only slightly inconvenient thing is that they have to be back at the church at 7 am Sunday and we also have the time change to contend with. But I don’t care because I’m used to getting up at 5:30 am every morning anyway.

Our guest room is not really the guest room when we don’t have guests. It is inhabited by Dennis and Zoe (a cat, not his second wife).  This is a good opportunity to dust, vacuum, shake and scrub. I probably don’t do this often enough because we hardly ever have guests and because no one spends any time in there when the lights are on. Both Dennis and Zoe are invited to spend Saturday night in my special room with me, which is really no problem since I won’t be getting much sleep anyway.

Zoe is a pretty quiet cat at night. She gets fed right before lights out, which gives her about six hours until she starts wanting more food. Crying (meowing) doesn’t usually work so she has several tricks like charging the bed and rebounding off before anyone can hit her, playing with loud toys that she never plays with during the day, and knocking her head against the filing cabinet (did I mention the guest room is also the office?). We try not to give in and reinforce her bad habits but sometimes it’s the only way to obtain peace and an extra hour of sleep.

Dennis, the dreamer, is sometimes not quiet at night.  His dreams are occassionally productive, like last night when he told me he solved a problem from work and it really was a solution which he was able to remember. Other times he’s doing normal things like fighting off attackers and telling hilarious jokes, both of which can get a little loud and boisterous. But for one night I can handle it, especially since I still have Sunday night in which to recover. We’ll be fine and it’s for a good cause.

The scary part about this weekend is that Cindy, who has been Scottie’s helper for nearly three months now, will be leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Myrtle Beach. What will we do without her? I don’t like to think about it. She has been such a help to us and Scottie is rightfully nervous about being alone once she is gone. I may once again be getting some extra hours (that I’d rather not have) but I guess it’s a chance to pad the bank account a little. The Lord knows there are a lot of things I’d like to throw some money at….

So with that little preview, I will leave off and clean a room (or two, or three) and get back to writing on Sunday night when I can tell you what really happened.

One thought on “The weekend already…

  1. Why does it not surprise me that Dennis has dreams about telling jokes? Is that how he gets new material? Pretty cool that he does problem solving while he sleeps too.Also, I sure hope your employer finds a replacement for Cindy. I can imagine you are only going to want to work extra hours for so long.

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