Going Again: Cambodia, Day 1

Travel Day 1

Every trip is broken down into smaller components, each having its own concerns, hazards and crisis moments. I have done with the preparation stage for the place I’m leaving, past the stage of decision making and packing things I think I’ll need, past the first journey to the airport on the highway that was unrecognizably empty at this hour. I’m also past the first two crisis moments, the first being when the Delta agent asked me where my visa was. She had checked my passport and that was okay, but where was my visa? Where was my visa? What visa?

I resorted to my experience of the past (after giving her the clueless look) and told her I had always gotten my visa when I got there. She finally did see on the computer that I could do that, since I was only staying 13 days. Thank you, gate agent, for my early morning adrenalin rush. Now I won’t need a coffee.

The second “moment” was after going through my TSA Pre-check line. Well, actually there was no line, which is the benefit of early morning flights – there are no lines anywhere. I had set my passport and boarding pass on a table along with my back pack and purse, while putting my suitcases on the conveyor line. Only I forgot to pick them up again. It was noticed soon after I had gone through the metal detector (without a hitch). The realization that I could not notice something that significant kind of outweighed my elation at getting through security so smoothly. It’s a good thing to remember that without the kindness of people and the grace of God, I am only a moment away from disaster at any given point in this trip. I’m thankful for everyone who is praying me through.

Me, waiting… going to be doing a lot of this.

So now I’m at the stage where I decide to get coffee anyway, and wait the two hours for the first flight to board. Tampa, the first hurdle, will soon be behind me.

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