Day Off!!!

I know it’s kind of stupid to get so excited every time I have a day off – but I’ll take excitement anywhere I can find it. I have so many things I could do with this day! And the exciting thing is, there isn’t any overpowering, urgent thing that I have to do – I get to choose.  I could probably list a hundred things if I wanted to take the time to do it, everywhere I look something comes to mind. BUT what do I really want to do? 

I’m afraid I didn’t get off to a very good start last night, writing a comparatively boring blog post and watching the Olympics re-run.  I’m going to start this morning by putting Wisconsin weather on my computer. I need to watch it so I pack the right stuff for my two week vacation. Yay me for getting this vacation plan started!

I’m going to read today.
I’m going to do another “paper purge” in the house.
I’m going to do at least one improvement in the Oneacrewoods.
I’m going to make a vegetarian supper deluxe for Dennis’s diet
I’m going to start one artistic project (have several in mind)

The sun is hitting the tops of the trees so it’s time to get started, a fresh new slate to write on.

Talk (write) to me.

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