Jamberrry Nail Update: Day 6

They're still on.
They’re still on.

* two sessions of pretty serious yard work

* one day of housecleaning with various chemicals

* much dish washing

* vacuuming and washing a dirty truck

* sorting several large boxes of dusty, small items

* showering, hair washing, cooking, petting animals, opening packaging, scraping “stuff” off counters, loads and loads of laundry

These are not hands on vacation!  I have worn gloves to do yard work but that is about all the protection the jamberry wraps have gotten.  After the first day I could sometimes feel a roughness at the nail tips and was afraid they were coming loose but clipping or filing the nail seemed to help. And what helped the most was to QUIT FEELING MY NAILS.  I’m not used to having anything on my nails and my tendency is to keep checking to see if they feel smooth.  Lately I just don’t do that unless something is rough enough to catch on clothing, then I attend to it.

Lots of people have remarked about my nails.  I was around several children on Memorial Day and of course they noticed and were impressed.  One of my friends said (in a friendly way) “Oh how seventeen!” by which I think she meant people our age don’t often do something fun and flashy.  I don’t feel bad about changing that.  Last night my daughter and I walked in to order dinner at a trendy Mexican place full of “cool” people with tatoos.  The girl taking our order noticed right away and said she really liked the pattern on my nails, which of course made me feel like I fit right in with the crowd, just in a different way.

So… day 6 and counting, still on.

I've cut them a little shorter whenever I feel a rough edge.
I’ve cut them a little shorter whenever I feel a rough edge.


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