Get On the Train

doing the nines
Seeing spots before your eyes?  I do not know why Mexico gets the credit for this game because I actually did ride on a train to Mexico City back in the 70’s and it was nothing like our game night (except for the somewhat annoying sound when you press the center of the above contraption – wooo wooo, chuga chuga chuga x forever). But we like this game because everyone can play it, from the person just learning to count, to the person who’s forgetting how or can’t see the dots, or can’t keep track of who’s turn it is or when their train should go up or which trains they can play on. And in the picture below you will see at least one of each of these kinds of players. I’m not in the picture of course but I was playing, even though I’m not really a game sort of person as a rule.  The winning duo is on the left. I’m thinking they won because there were two of them, maybe an unfair advantage?  However, no one should ever have to feel bad losing a round of Mexican Train because so much depends on the luck of the draw.  There is some skill and strategy which can be brought into play but we keep our dominoes to ourselves so noone ever knows if we are being skillful or not – what a good idea!
So why do we play if there’s no skill involved? Mostly because it gives us a chance to sit down and be with people we love and do a good bit of laughing at/with them.  An excuse for togetherness, if you will.  Oh and there’s the nibbling on snacks and the beverages.  But be sure to watch your more elderly players – the little train engines do look a lot like gummy bears and we don’t want them to get eaten by mistake… 

Everything goes better with Coke – but not necessarily when playing Mexican Train

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