#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things K

My Kayak

The first reason for having this fine thing for a favorite is that its word is a fun palindrome. Kayak is kayak no matter which way you look at it.  I love words that look quirky too and having those k’s at the beginning and end give it a nice balanced look. Balance is a very good thing for a kayak to have, believe me.

I had a birthday recently and one of my hopes for every birthday is to do something mildly scary (or new) that makes me know I am still alive and meeting challenges. I also love to share my birthday experience with someone, but this year there was no one free to help me out. I had to do something alone, and that was probably the needed scary factor – doing it alone.

I decided that I would go out in my kayak to a new place, Lake Manatee, which is a reservoir on the Manatee River east of the town where I live. I have done a birthday kayak outing once before but at that time I rented a kayak. Having my own now, the first challenge was to get it on top of my car and fastened in place, by myself. Doing something a bit difficult and awkward with someone watching on makes me feel a little like a two-year-old screaming “I do it myself!” but that’s the way it had to be since I had to know if I could do it.

Yeah, just try to figure one of these out….

The most difficult thing was figuring out how to work the ratchet straps. I’ve never studied them long enough to really “get it” but now I do. They are very handy things but you have to know how they work.

Since I’m always a nervous driver when something is strapped on to the outside of my car, this process of loading up was very important to me. Can you imagine my kayak laying out in the middle of I-75? That’s not just mildly scary, it’s nightmare material.

I’m happy to say I did it, I enjoyed it and I lived to write about it. In the interest of keeping posts short, I’ll post my picture story and be done.


Here’s how I travel. Safely in the parking lot at the lake.
Looking a bit wild. It was windy. But, I am all color coordinated which is the important thing.
I saw an alligator in one of the backwaters I investigated. I left rather quickly.
It’s even more windy in the middle of a lake, and of course, that’s where I went. I don’t know why.
It was beautiful along the shore, sun made the water sparkle.
An outing is no good without food. I found this sheltered shore with a “hitching post” and had my snack.
I rescued this balloon out of the water. Things like this can pose danger for water birds and other wildlife.

What do you like to do on your birthday that makes it memorable. Don’t say “eat cake” please…

10 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things K

  1. The fact that you own your own kayak impresses me no end. And that you kayak in the proximity of alligators. (I believe you came upon one, but I would love to have seen a photo — not that you had your hands full, or your life in danger, or anything. lol)

    My only birthday tradition is to not work — unless there’s something I absolutely can’t avoid. After all, one day a year just for me doesn’t seem to be asking too much of the world. Your tradition is far more exciting and inspiring than mine. I may have to re-think next year’s celebration.

    • Sure. Why don’t you come to Florida next year. I’ll put you up. (And I have access to another kayak… the alligator was little from what I saw of him. You measure the distance in inches between their eyes and the end of their snout and that’s how long in feet they are, approximately).

      • I didn’t know that about alligators. They’re one of my favorite animals on exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. So primitive and stoic.

        That’s a very generous offer, Shirley. If I can squirrel away the funds to travel and contribute, I will be happy to take you up on it. Thanks very much!

      • No trouble at all. Wouldn’t it be interesting – to be in person with someone you only know from the blogosphere? Have you ever met any other followers?

      • No, I haven’t, yet there are several all over the world that I feel special connections to. You’re one of those special ones, Shirley, and I think it would be both interesting and comfortable to spend time with you. 🙂

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