#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things J

Jigsaw Puzzles

I would be so wrong of me if I didn’t choose Jigsaw puzzles as my favorite J things. My family would never let it pass.  The obsession is obvious every time we gather in a group, like for Thanksgiving. But even when there are just two or three of us, it seems we have to have a puzzle to draw us together at the table. We work at it while we talk. It’s really quite addictive. Plus, I really think there’s a genetic component to this proclivity toward jigsaw puzzles since it spans three generations of our family. That’s proof, right?

I’m not naming names here, but:

Some of us bring a puzzle even if we have to fly thousands of miles with it in our suitcase.

Some of us shop all year round for the perfect puzzle for the “next one”.

Some of us panic when we run out of puzzles before we run out of holiday time.

Some of us check puzzles out of the library like other people check out books.

Some of us hide the last piece for fear we won’t get to put it in.

Some of us are afraid to go to bed for fear someone else will finish the puzzle before morning.

Some of us stay up all night to finish the puzzle before morning.

Some of us never want to take the puzzles apart and hide them under the bed for years.

We ran out of puzzles at Thanksgiving so I had to buy this antique one at a Thrift Shop in Michigan.

Puzzles are good for the brain.  They teach your brain to think of any way it can to find the next piece, to be flexible. Sometimes the clue is the color, sometimes it’s the shape – the differences can be so subtle. We can actually feel ourselves getting smarter doing a puzzle. And doing puzzles teaches cooperation. You can only bend over another person’s space for so long before they cooperate and move to another side, as they should.

This winter we did “Puzzle Marathon” which I pictured on Facebook and am all too happy to post again here in tribute to the puzzle gene…





And this one we had to do on the trip home through Pennsylvania
This one was one of my favorite ones – pretty!

Seriously, this is only about half of the puzzles that we did, but you get the idea. Doing puzzles is truly one of my favorite things.

Do you do puzzles? Yes or no?



20 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things J

  1. “Some of us are afraid to go to bed for fear someone else will finish the puzzle before morning.” Competitive puzzling. That is hilarious!

    Digital jigsaw puzzles just wouldn’t be the same; it’s both a visual and tactile experience for me. I used to watch my grandma putting “her puzzle” together, as my aunts would say. She worked on them alone. I’m not sure if that was at her insistence or if no one else was interested, but one result was that I grew up thinking jigsaw puzzles were a one-person activity. It’s been almost a year since I worked on one, though I love doing them — the bigger and more complicated, the better. My day care kids loved doing puzzles, too.

  2. Oh my gosh, I got a chuckle out of your post. I’m a puzzle lover, too, and have been known to ‘hide the last piece’. 🙂 What is your favorite brand of puzzle? My 5 year old nephew is building 50-100 piece puzzles with the pieces flipped over to the back cardboard side, just on shape. Talk about some brain power. There’s your next challenge. 🙂

    • I like Ravensburger a lot, but there are so many that are interesting. And wow, can you imagine how developed your nephews mind is going to be if he keeps that up! Enjoyed your comment, thanks.

  3. Alas, no. I haven’t done a puzzle (other than children’s puzzles) in well over a decade. I’m not sure I ever did a challenging puzzle. After reading your post, I just might try one. Thank you for sharing.

    • They are making puzzles that are quite challenging. I have one that even I (puzzle expert that I am) may not choose to tackle. Tried it once and put it away. They are good for your brain, but I already said that, right? Thanks for reading!

  4. Puzzles are great. Unfortunately, I have not enjoyed a nice challenging one in a while. My boys are a bit too young, although we have done lots of child age puzzles. However, for me to start a challenging puzzle I would have to finish it before I go to bed so they wouldn’t get into it and well that just doesn’t happen. A few more years… Anyway, great post!
    J for Jealous

  5. Oh yes…it’s in the genes. My Mom and Dad (your Aunt and Uncle) had a puzzle going all the time at their little store at Mt. Park. Customers would even come in the kitchen where the puzzle was set up and add a piece or 2 😊

  6. My daughter, since her kinder garden days, was a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. For her birthdays, she used to ask for the jigsaw puzzle and not the Barbies! And what I found out was, she would solve and resolve it and still derive the same pleasure that she did in her first attempt! And for me it used to be a big respite, as I could finish my chores while she was at it!
    Loved the article as I could connect to this long lost memory!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

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