#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things F


repurposed dresses from the 80’s and scraps from other projects – now a tablecloth


Defined: 1)A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers. 2) A complex underlying structure: “the fabric of society”.

I hardly ever meet fabric I don’t like. I like to look at it, feel it for smoothness and thickness, see how it lies and bends. I love to make things with it, which is why I have accumulated what we call a “stash”. It’s fabric that is waiting to be used for something. It might have been bought for a specific project which never got off the drawing board, or it may have just been too good a price to pass up, but of course, I’ll figure out how to use it later. From every project that does get done, there are scraps of fabric and even these have a charm all their own when combined with each other in various colors and designs. That’s what I love about fabric – the endless variety, beauty and usefulness that it’s capable of.

From years of sewing everything from clothing for my own family, wedding dresses for friends, and home decorating with curtains and coverings,  to clothing for horses, and dogs, I have gained a respect for cloth. It has to be chosen correctly for its purpose, positioned to drape correctly, handled and fashioned “just so” or it will not behave. Watch a couple episodes of “Project Runway” and you’ll see what I mean.

I have often thought while sewing (really, I have) that there are so many parallels between fabric and society. That second definition really says it all. The fabric of society that is us, is complex and it underlies everything that is important and dear to us. We all have our part in making that fabric look and act the way it does. We are those fibers that get woven together in actions and dependencies over a lifetime. We are stronger together, but we are only as strong as the weakest fiber and there are many things that can stress and weaken us.

There are some fabrics that are woven with the expectation that the fibers will be smoothly aligned and uniform. Others show the beautiful twists, turns and flaws that make them unique and priceless.  I get kind of excited just thinking about it. It always sets me thinking about whether I make the fabric of society weaker or stronger.  Do you see what I mean?

This stack of fabric is an art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.
Part of my own “art exhibit”, my stash



14 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things F

  1. I, too, have drawers and boxes of fabric stash. I understand the appeal. Not only the tactile, visual aspects, but the fertile base for creativity. Your quilting ability is obvious; that’s a skill I’ve never developed.

      • Most of it has no specific plan of course — some are pieces are left over from costuming or stuff people have given me or textures and colors. I just couldn’t pass up. Some of it is for pirate coats, pants, shirts, and flags. Artsy jackets. Flannel nightgown, baby blankets, throw pillows, and a swivel rocker I need to recover. Vague ideas I’m waiting to come into focus. Oh, and a dragon puppet because I’ve found the perfect dichroic glass pieces for dragon eyes! Just what you’d expect! lol

  2. The tablecloth is lovely!
    I have a stash too – a friend, a former quilter, gave me boxes of fabric she no longer wanted. I guess my bedroom is a museum now, too! lol
    My “theme” – A Thirty-Word Story, revealing one word of the story each day of the challenge.
    #AtoZChallenge The Letter G

    • 30 words and your challenge month is set! What a great idea, if I was only clever enough to make a real story in 30 words. Btw, really like your site, especially the keto page. Right on!

      • All of the above, I suppose you could say. My husband and I have learned that grains and sugars are simply bad for us so we try to avoid them as much as possible. We’ve been lax the last year or so but are gearing up to go “hard core” again soon. 🙂

  3. With thoughts like these to spur others on, I expect you are strengthening society. I like that stack of fabric as art, I never would have thought to display it in such a way.

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