Reflections on A to Z

This challenge was worthwhile for me and I received enough feedback from others to get totally addicted to it.  Even that little bit of self-imposed pressure of joining the challenge made it easier to write every day (Sunday excluded) and the alphabet prompt definitely made it easier for every letter except Z. I met quite a few amazing writers and hope to get to know them better as I continue reading. It’s becoming clear that for a blogger, time spent reading and commenting is almost as important as time spent writing.  I know it helped my stats but it was also a bit depressing to see how many zillion more followers and likes other people had.  But “followers and likes” were unknown to me a short time ago and at least I’ve got a start.  It was just plain fun.  And my inner circle of regular readers seemed highly entertained by my efforts.   Thank you so much everyone!!   Here is a repost from a few days ago.

Six Seven Things I Learned from A to Z Challenge

1. I can write regularly.
2. Writing regularly is easier with a prompt, no matter how random or silly.
3. Writing regularly gives you more opportunities to write something good.
4. Not everything will be great or even good, but something is probably better than nothing
5. Reading other’s writings stimulates your own.
6. Readers who interact are immeasurably valuable, they become friends and mentors.
7. Z is my hardest letter.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on A to Z

  1. What you learned from the Challenge are the things we hope that everyone gets out of doing this grand April event. Glad to hear about the positives you gained from doing it.
    Thanks for providing us you Reflections feedback!
    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    • You are so right. Sometimes I sit for a long time before I know what to comment on a post that I really want to say something about – it might be good writing, or good content, or just a good heart behind what is written and I really want to pick the right kind of encouragement. Commenting IS writing, come to think of it… Thanks for your feedback Paula.

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