A to Z Challenge: M for Mindfullness

What is going on in your mind? Do you wonder why you feel the way you do?

There is a lot of comfort and happiness to be found in knowing that we are loved and enjoyed by someone else.  When you see that someone enjoys you, it speaks of how they see you at the present moment, be it messy, inconvenient, embarrassing, negative or positive.  They enjoy YOU, not your ability to do.  It encourages you to think that they would love and enjoy you no matter what. And in turn, this makes you enjoy them and their association all the more.

However, some of us, myself included, are much more likely to be aware of our inability to measure up than we are of our ability to be enjoyed.  We want to be better than we know we are, and in dwelling on that we miss out on the fun fact that someone enjoys us and loves to love us. Today, I’m going to choose to be that person who knows they are loved and enjoyed, by the people and the God who know me very well and like me in spite of it. A thankful, mindful day…


9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: M for Mindfullness

  1. I find accepting myself the way I am is harder as I get older. My husband, my children, my siblings, and especially God still love me just the way I am, but I am not happy with the unavoidable changes that occur with aging. Thank you for the encouragement to just be me–hot flashes, saggy bum and all!

  2. So I ask myself, “Do you like who you are today? Are you doing what you love while being sure to make those I love feel important?”
    Yes, I do. Yes, I am.

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