Why do we like adventure? What is it about something just a tad dangerous that makes it so appealing? I have my theories.  There are numerous things I have no longing to do – skydiving being one of them, just for instance.  There are many other things that are slightly out of the box that I love to do.  They are very tame, actually, and sometimes I hesitate to call them adventures because I’m afraid real adventure seekers will laugh.  But children who are just starting out are almost always impressed with my adventures and that is where this particular adventure began.

I call it the Peninsula walk/swim tradition for obvious reasons. We take a walk along a road to the tip of a peninsula, then we walk a narrow sand bar toward the opposite shore and when we get to a boat channel where the water is deeper we swim to a boat landing.  The whole trip takes in a circle of about three miles, I’m guessing.   The original walk/swim was an adventure planned for my neices and nephews years ago and it’s been repeated almost every year since because it is a good way to keep in touch with an area of Wisconsin that I have always loved.  Sometimes it’s just one or two of us there on vacation and other times more join in.

The only reason it’s an adventure is that not too many people think of doing it.  Sometimes it’s more adventurous because the water is extremely cold or the weather is bad.  The walking part is never too big a deal but when we reach the end of the road and take the path down through the gnarled and weather beaten trees on the tip of the peninsula it gets interesting.  We stop to take off our shoes, socks and any other clothing that we don’t want to wear wet.  Watches, cell phones, money – all have to go in a water tight zip lock bag along with the clothing.  Then we wade out.  The depth of the water varies and there are places with rocks that are slippery and potentially hurtful.  As we get near the boat channel the water gets darker and deeper (slight adrenalin rush) until we have to swim, holding our bags aloft with one hand.  Twenty five feet later we can suddenly touch bottom again and the adventure is all but over. 

This process has been perfected over the years. The first year with the children it actually was a little scary (and I had to carry most of the shoes and clothing).  Now we are old hands at it, although often there is a newbie with us who doesn’t quite know what to expect.  This year participants were me, my nephew Evan, my brothers Bob and Gary and my daughter Esther (her husband came along to observe but was on the verge of a sore throat. He viewed the route by car). It was great fun and makes me happy just remembering it. Here are some photographs which I had taken as proof.

The men of the trip

What I have to do to get in a picture.

Fashionable walk/swim attire

My bros leading the way

Just across the channel after the swim

The real adventure is swimming with one of these bags in your hand, just sayin’…

Mysterious masked swimmer (Evan) about to intrude

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