Tired Yet?

I’m just sayin’ there’s nothing like a good vacation to tire a body out.  When else in one week’s time does a person fly thousands of miles in a plane, drive hundreds of miles to three different cities, canoe for hours on a wild river, walk several miles of country road, swim a boat channel, ride through the forest on a motorcycle, participate in an afternoon photo shoot, complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, catch up on the news of over 30 friends and relatives, and eat every four hours (daylight only) to the point of pain. I’m sure I missed something. I’m tired in my brain and can’t remember all the good memories at once.  That’s why I have 660 pictures (groan) to review and record. 

The best of the best will be posted and written about maybe tomorrow when I get back from work.  I’m scheduled for work at 6 am.  Do you know that for the past week it has been light outside in Wisconsin before 5 am?!!  And it’s not dark until nearly 10 pm, making it possible to do all the above things but a bit tricky to get sleep.  But now my bags are unpacked, my cats who survived my absence are fed, and I’m going to bed.  I can’t wait to write about my amazing family and our time together! Okay, one crazy picture just to get started – me and my bro going out for a spin.

Talk (write) to me.

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