If the most important time to write is when you really don’t want to do it, then I am where I should be right now.  It’s hard to figure out what the importance of it is except to give me practice for the book, the someday book…

I’ve experienced a miracle this week, definition of miracle being something I’m unable to explain scientifically and will therefore attribute to divine intervention.  A week ago Monday, up in Hayward I did some maneuver that stretched my left shoulder far more than it should have been stretched.  It was immediately sore and got worse as the day wore on.  In fact, it got worse for a couple more days even though I was trying to rest it and taking lots of Ibuprofen.

It was painful to touch. People would hug me around the shoulder and wonder why I would gasp and produce tears. I couldn’t lift my arm away from my side, or do pushing moves with my arm in the air.  The hardest thing was getting dressed! Putting on shirts – agony.  Pulling things up to my waist – sharp pain followed by burning ache that wouldn’t quiet down for a long time.  Medication made things bearable only if I was up and moving around.  That’s how I got through work Thursday and Friday.  At night I found that it’s nearly impossible to turn onesself in bed without moving both arms. And yet when lying still, just the weight of my arm in most any position, would bring on a burning ache that wouldn’t quit.  Honestly, I felt totally worn out from dealing with the pain

By the weekend my stomach was starting to hurt from around the clock doses of antiinflammatories. I had to work the night shift on Sunday and Monday and was worried that I might not be able to do some of the required moves. Driving out to the job, I decided that if there was not some sign of improvement I would look for some medical attention the next day.  I was afraid that it might be getting worse from inattention.

I have to backtrack a little to explain where the part about divine intervention would enter the picture. I’ve thought about the healing miracles recorded in scripture, especially those of Jesus that were witnessed and written about by many.  Intellectually I believe that a being capable of creating life in all its forms, could also restore life, restore function and well being, just as easily as creating it in the first place. I’ve been aware of events in other people’s lives that they called miracles but I don’t remember experiencing a healing of my own, ever.  I did think it was important to ask God for healing, I asked several friends to pray for me, and I went to the elders of my church to ask for prayer and annointing. I saw these actions as being simple things to do in obedience, perhaps a little embarrassing, but simple.  (Evidently they don’t do a lot of annointings in the church I go to now because I had three men looking frantically for some oil for fifteen minutes until they gave up and just prayed.)

I struggled through work that night, laid myself down and somehow fell asleep immediately for four hours before waking to turn my patient. It was odd that my arm didn’t hurt or even feel stiff.  At the end of my shift I went home and slept comfortably for another couple of hours.  It was such a relief to have a normal feeling arm instead of that thing I’d been wishing I could cut off because it hurt so bad. And it has remained so since then, in spite of work and chores at home that I am once again happily doing.  Something that was very bad became very good in so short a time that I see no reason not to thank God for it and I see no reason to think anything else was responsible for the change. There was no electricity or warm healing feeling creeping through my body or what have you – it was just done hurting, on the inside and on the outside.

I didn’t get a message from God that I shouldn’t tell anyone, so I am writing about it.  But I have mixed feelings. I am grateful and excited on the one hand, because I think God wants to heal today more than we let him and I want to cooperate with that.  I also know that when I heard about other people’s miracles I often viewed them skeptically, as some will do with my report.  I don’t really like people to view me and my experience with skepticism but I have to say that when I am pain free after an extended period of misery, it doesn’t matter much how other people view it.

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