I Would Wear a Hat

Every once in a while I get the overwhelming desire to make a big change. Today I would just like to do away with all the routines in my life and start over with new ones. I would like to go live where no one knows me. All the people I would meet would be new to me and I would spend time getting to know them because I would have no job to go to.  And then later I would find work to do that was different from work I have done.  I would not have to get up early in the dark.  I would not have to work at night when I’m tired.  I would play with children and read books.  I would wear strange clothes. And hats.  I would go fishing and look for loons on the lake.  I would sit in the garden every day with a cat.  I would keep my kitchen floor clean and smooth.  I would write old-fashioned letters to my old friends. Yes, those are the things I would do. Just sayin’…

Talk (write) to me.

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