Bike – Part 3

This could be another episode in a soap opera if it were not so ordinary and maybe even boring? I took the bike back to the pawn shop. The husband and I didn’t even have to discuss it. He reads my blog, in fact it may have become our major point of communication. He announced that I could have the truck, early in the morning before I left for my trip so I could return the gearless wonder.

In spite of the fact that on the bottom of the receipt was “All Sales Final, No Returns, No Exchanges” I approached the matter with a positive attitude. My tactic was to admit that my priorities were somewhat foolish and that after riding the bike for two days I had come to the conclusion that I just didn’t feel safe on it. And I wasn’t asking for a return or an exchange. I was asking for an upgrade which is different, and to their advantage.  I got a different salesperson this time and I think he was the owner.  He did not say a single frightening thing. In fact the very first thing he said was that he didn’t want me feeling unsafe and he was sure he could work something out. He was a bit more helpful and understood completely about me wanting a cable attached to the gear shift. And after I took his recommendation, test rode his Avalon Next 7000 series and liked it, he gave it to me even trade even though it was priced $10 higher than the return.

I looked up reviews on this bike – they sell, or used to sell it at WalMart.  The used ones were going for around $100 and this one was a little over half that amount. I think I got a good deal. It’s also mostly aluminum so it’s clean and shiny, no rust.  It is a bit of an “old lady” bike but at least it’s not a three wheeler, and I am almost an old lady.  Just sayin’.

One thought on “Bike – Part 3

  1. […] Time has changed a few things.  Specifically, my blood pressure is higher and I think it’s having effects on other systems, like my vision.  I don’t want to start medication and deal with all those side effects, and of course, there’s the problem of my hating to swallow pills which I avoid by never remembering to take them. But I can exercise. Walking would have been my first choice but after feeling a few twinges of pain in my right knee, I’ve switched to riding my cheapo bike. […]

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