We Take a Walk/Ride

You get to take this walk with me, in a virtual manner.  We were a one car family for a couple days so I’ve done a lot of walking and also learned to ride the bus home from work. Here we go.

sea grape trees turn gold/orange/purple and fall in the spring

they are like large plates and look beautiful on the ground


golden sea grape

The bus station where I can catch the bus that goes closest to home is a two mile walk from where I start.  I can get on a trolley that takes me there but timing is everything. I’ve ended up walking the two miles each day. Lots to see on the way…

The first mile is through a residential area with a lot of older beach houses. Many are frame built, some are on stilts but most are not. The yards are totally eclectic and a bit woodsy.  Lots of flowers and shrubs, texture and variety.

And then we cross the bridge
I am always so amazed at the color of the water as it changes in depth – so many shades of blue, aquamarine, and green. Some of my favorite beaches are under and at the end of this bridge. When I take the kayak out I like to park under the bridge in the shade on this little spit of sand.

Most of the time the drawbridge is down

Today the barrier went down. I stopped because….


Bridge up for a yacht coming through  (while I nervously hope I don’t miss the bus)

I watched it go out into the Gulf.


At the other side where Coquina Beach begins

My bus, exquisitely air-conditioned

I had some interesting conversations both days with people from all around the area who had come out to the beach for the day. One lady I talked with turned out to be living in the mobile home park across the street from my house. Some people combine their bus ride with a bike section. They put their bike on the front carrier of the bus. I told one biker that I’d like to do that and he warned me to be flexible in my timing because there are only spaces for two bikes and sometimes you might be the third…

and full of riders both days

Me, glad to be sitting for the next 10 miles. 

 It was an interesting experiment, this bus riding.  The first day my trip took an hour and a half.  The second day it took three hours which is not really practical for an everyday work commute but makes a nice afternoon of exercise and book reading.  At least I know how to get to work and back without a car if I have to, and for only $.60 a ride. Can’t beat that.

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