I Need a Learning Curve

I have never taken a class on blogging or the internet and suddenly, tonight, I find out it’s a lot more confusing than I had imagined.  Really, I just like to write.  I used to do it on paper.  I wish that it would stay as simple as that but I clicked on something on the web and now I have to find out what I’ve done. 

Checking my facebook, I discovered a very interesting link to a blog post about gardening.  So I followed it and after reading for a while I thought to subscribe to this very interesting looking blog. Click. Now I have to decide about feeds and burning them. And widgets and chicklets. My blog name popped up automatically which was very cool but I’m not sure what I did to it.  I supposedly have a feed with an address but what on earth does it do? Am I feeding something out to other places or am I being fed something?  And how do I customize it and make it more attractive if I don’t know what it is? I’m sorry to be so stupid but it’s a whole different language and the people who speak it assume I know it.  I don’t.  I looked at my blog and nothing has changed there so maybe I’ll just ignore what happened tonight…  I did read that it was free, whatever it is.  Free is good, just sayin’.

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