Playing Favorites

I am here in my favorite place, home, at my favorite time of day, morning. I’ve just been outside to tweak the irrigation system which is running today. It is cool – 52 degrees – which is rare and lovely. I am wearing my favorite long sleeved shirt and my favorite sweatshirt which I hardly ever get to wear because it is usually too hot. Yesterday Joe the Mexican and I raked leaves and trimmed bushes and trees leaving a peacefulness and order in the oneacrewoods that is almost painfully sweet to look at. I know I’ll have to leave this place someday but it’s too hard to think about, so at least for today, I won’t think about it.

After working yesterday I did one of my favorite things for supper.  I started a fire in the backyard and had the men (Dennis and Carroll) roast hot dogs for us.  Joe stayed to eat with us – me and the guys, one of my favorite small crowds.  (I say this because I can pretty much count on them never complaining about any food that is served. Well, because I like them too.) And this morning I’m having my early cup of coffee in my favorite mug, accompanied by my favorite toasted cranberry walnut bread from Publix. I’ve just read a few chapters in my favorite book. My life is filled with favorites. I am favored and thankful.

Newly trimmed orange tree, and the rose and rosemary garden

Shade shed – didn’t really clean up here but I like it a little messy

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