Smooth Keys

I know I haven’t posted in a while but honestly, I am thinking.  I have some important things on my mind but sometimes I want to try them out privately and see if I like the way I’ve said it. Sometimes I don’t even know what I think exactly until I try to write it. Especially when I’m writing about something more important than how the garden is doing or my silly clothes, I like to wait for inspiration too.  Inspiration can produce something relevant in words or it can also prompt me to shut up. Believe me, there are lots of things I’m glad I didn’t write or say. 

Tonight we had a dinner guest – Carroll brought a friend who was staying at his house for a couple days after visiting relatives on the other coast. We enjoyed her visit, her lovely smile and interesting stories. We met her service dog, a beautiful Doberman she had trained herself. The whole evening there was no mention of her two bouts of cancer that had nearly done her in, her time spent in a coma near death, having to relearn walking and talking. There was enough to talk about without any of that coming up because she loves to ride horses, train dogs and travel.  Her speech was a little different but her obvious intelligence and her expressive ways and enthusiasm more than made up for the deliberateness and slowness. She didn’t have a lot of hair, but like I said, she had a gorgeous smile and pretty face. She wears a scarf.  She enjoys her life. She’s going on. Good woman.

And I’m getting ready for another week to go whizzing by at work.  A new nurse is training tomorrow and that is always interesting. Monday will go fast. There is music to practice this week. (As long as I’m on trivia – my garden is doing great.) I’m still working on the garage, sorting bolts and nails. And every day I’m thinking.

I just noticed that I’ve worn smooth the textured surface of my alphabet keys on my computer. I can tell which ones I use most. I like to write (type). But I also like to get some sleep at night so, good night.  

Talk (write) to me.

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