Attitudes about Mondays

I don’t always have the best attitude about going to work, especially on Mondays.  The weekend is just long enough for me to taste freedom but really too short in all other ways.  But it is important to be happy doing what I know I have to do. So, I end up asking God for what is really a miracle – that I would find a reason for enjoying my work, and that my attitude would change. I’m audacious enough to ask that there be some small but interesting evidence of the miracle that I can notice and get excited about.  I know that my attitude has changed when I start feeling thankful, not just in my head (my head knows that this job provides for me – a good thing) but also in my heart (I sincerely feel loved because of that provision). 

I still dream of what it would be like to be retired, to have enough time and money to go about doing good things and helping other people realize their potentials (I envy “Undercover Boss” his unique position).  But meanwhile I’ll proceed to work this week and see how God wants to answer my request.  I figure He will.  He’s given me a pretty unusual job in the first place and he’s kept me at it for over three years, which is a minor miracle in itself. I have learned so much about patience, about boundaries,  about negotiation and compassion.  And even in the worst of times I have always felt useful and needed.  Those things are important to me and God knows me so well… this job he’s given me never leaves me wondering whether I’m needed.

Off to bed now, wondering what interesting thing will happen tomorrow.

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