Thoughts on Wait Time

Tuesday morning – I’m the only one up. It’s still dark. Feed the cat. Off to work
Tuesday noon – check emails, delete 20 ads, nothing personal.
Tuesday 4 pm – finally home, pet cat, no notes or voice mails.
Tuesday 8 pm – wondering if someone has kidnapped my husband, should I expect ransom note?

He did eventually show up at 9:30, having gone straight to band after work. I probably wouldn’t have been so aware of the empty house if I had known he wouldn’t be there for supper. We usually know where the other is. This leads me down several thought paths but specifically thoughts about waiting. And interestingly, my Bible study course last week had some good insights into the subject that I think are worth sharing.

“Waiting provides the excitement of anticipation and pleasure of curiousity.” I remember a time that we planned to visit St. Augustine for an anniversary (or maybe it was a business trip – more likely). I checked out a couple books from the library and learned a lot about the city. I even saw pictures of a bed and breakfast place that I wanted to stay in and restaurants that I wanted to check out. We never went but I feel almost like it happened and the learning and anticipation was sweet.

“Waiting provides time for productivity” and I know about this one for sure.  The first few years of our marriage I always carried needlework with me everywhere I went with my husband. He was always getting involved in conversations with people while I waited, and waited,… I finished a quilt top in that time.  And every morning my commute of 13 miles takes at least half an hour – half that time is spent waiting for the light to change. I have things I do during that time that help me wait patiently because I’m not wasting the time.  What do you do while you’re stopped in traffic?

“Planning and waiting heightens appreciation”. Yes, take, for instance, waiting for one’s day off from work. I make plans how I’m going to spend it and am thinking about it a lot. When it comes I am so aware of it and much appreciative. Like today, my plans to see a friend for lunch have been in my thoughs all week. I am loving today.

“Waiting can be a protection.” The lesson highlighted waiting in relationships. The present culture scoffs at waiting for anything and tells us in every imaginable way that if it feels good, do it and do it now. I see that to be a proven, direct path to trouble.  Waiting allows time to check what we think to be true. Waiting gives time for error to become apparent. Waiting lets the red light runner get through the intersection without having to go through your car (and you).

“Waiting patiently indicates maturity”.  Waiting is practicing patience and you can get better at it with practice. You can even start to enjoy waiting when it used to annoy. It is a way to tell God that you trust his timing and thank him for it. And it can produce peace in the middle of very trying wait experiences. My new favorite phrase “hey, wait a minute…”

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