More than One Way

There’s more than one way to do most everything.  There’s more than one way to get yard work done.  The most common one in my experience is to do it yourself.  I’m getting more familiar with a second way which is to pay someone else to do it. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to pay someone to do your favorite job for you while you do something else that you don’t like as much and that is kind of what is happening now, but I see no other way around it.  It’s sad.

I was feeling hopelessly overwhelmed with chores in the oneacrewoods when Joe appeared at the door looking for work. I guess I was impressed that he was out, on his bicycle actively looking, not afraid to query strangers.  I took his phone number and the next day I called.  I’m not quite as trusting as this sounds so far – he had actually been to our house before working with someone else that we knew and trusted. Joe was at our door because this person suggested he offer to work for us.  Yesterday Joe cleaned out all the gutters around the house. There are a lot of them and they were full of leaves. Today he cleaned out a fern bed that had grown very unruly over the past year.  He has a good eye and I’m beginning to like the way he finishes off a job. He’s interested in the different plants I have around the place and asks questions.

I guess I’m a little worried about whether I can afford the luxury of a gardener…  But, until I know I can’t I’m going to go with it.  I’m redistributing wealth which is a very popular thing these days. God seems to be taking care of my needs, and the others who depend on me financially, plus the whole thing just feels right. 

I have to go to work tonight. We have lost another employee – gone without giving notice.  I would be angry with the departing person except I totally understand how she feels and have been in nearly the same place, more than once. But I’m praying for the ability to extend grace, as it has been extended to me time and time again. I will get twice as many hours for this night shift as I do for my usual day shift and I think God knows I need the money.  He knows I need to pay my gardener. Just sayin’.

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