Fortuitous moments

I have many fortuitous moments in an average week. They are small but they keep me cheered up – like happening to open my blog page at the exact time I was 3 pageviews away from 7,000.

Two days ago I shared a moment with my employer. Actually I wasn’t there but I was part of creating the moment.  I had baked blueberry muffins for her that morning and set one out for her lunch. She had told me to take one home but I forgot it on the kitchen counter.  The next day she told me that later in the day she had a terrible low blood sugar episode, so bad she called someone just to have them on the phone in case she blacked out. Wishing she had another muffin she made her way to the kitchen, and there one was! On the counter where she could reach it! It was like the heavens opened and God was smiling down.

The muffin was great, the whole experience was greater.  I remembered thinking as I drove home that day, “dang, I forgot my muffin. Well, if it bothers her too much, sitting out on the counter, she can just eat it.” And she did.

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