Serious stuff about Christmas

It is getting scary close to time for going to Cambodia. This evening and the next two full days are all that is left and they are filled with work in the mornings and Christmas activities in the afternoons and evenings.  It doesn’t seem like I’m ready to go and I’m worried I will remember all kinds of things to do the night before.  Panic may result.

Tonight we are going to see the documentary “Nefarious” which is about human trafikking. I might not have spelled that right.  It might seem like a mood spoiler for the holiday season to be on such a sad subject but I’m told the film has a very hopeful conclusion. A good deal of it is filmed in Cambodia, in Phnom Penh, near a place I have visited called the Russian Market.  In Cambodia it is not uncommon for poor families to sell their children to the sex industry.  The children feel it is their duty to support the family.  Many of the children in the orphanages I’m visiting would have ended up in this situation if they had not been rescued by Asia’s Hope.  There are some wonderful organizations helping young women leave the sex industry and learn new ways to support themselves. I would find it personally devastating and hopeless to be in the place of someone trapped in that life and I am wondering what God would have me do now that He has brought this to my attention.

I have really avoided making Christmas a commercial venture this year. I feel good about that. Well, I will qualify that and say that there are a few people I would love to help out with a gift, either because they need the encouragement or because they have many physical needs.  Our renter next door went to the hospital in an ambulance yesterday and may not have long to live. My employer lost her mother last December and this is her first Christmas alone. I am praying and hoping that God will help me know what I can do effectively, since it doesn’t seem I can do all the things I can think of to do. I never can. But I know God does not expect more than He enables me to do. I rest in that.

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