Today’s thoughts and feels

I can’t keep up with how fast time is going! A somehow related fact – I’ve finished two Lindt truffles in the time it took to write that first sentence! Stress does this to me.  That, and living with mid-level pain pretty much all the time. I do fall asleep at night and get a few hours reprieve.  Between the neck thing, and the leg thing, and the hand/arm thing I don’t know if I’ll ever make that thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.  But I’m determined to get on the plane to Cambodia a week from tomorrow, aches, pains and all.

In one of my crazed moments I made an appointment to have a tooth repaired tomorrow afternoon.  That ought to take my mind off anything else that hurts. What was I THINKING.

It’s funny how small pleasures start to loom large when one is feeling a bit stressed.  I was dreaming on the drive home today (this was post chiropractic treatment when my neck was feeling like it had been twisted off and replaced on crooked) about sitting at home and lighting a nice smelling candle. Just to sit in the presence of a candle and watch it burn. Ok, boring to most, but pretty nice to me. I never did it. By the time I got the groceries unloaded, listened zombie-like to the Verizon salesperson (real people do this door to door now), and read a couple chapters of my new AT thru-hike book, I forgot about the candle. It would have been so nice.

Right now I should be (going to bed) packing the suitcase of medical supplies for the orphanages so I can determine how heavy my suitcase is going to be. I’ve been able to collect probably 30 pounds of children’s vitamins from various sources, plus a few antibiotics, and some thermometers and lice combs. I’ve discovered some interesting resources for this stuff this time and feel like I’ve made some headway into the supply chain.  I’ve also gotten a number of generous donations so I can buy some of what they need when I get to Cambodia – some things really are cheaper to buy there than here. My nurse friend who takes care of the medical and hygiene issues for the orphanages friended me on facebook – turns out a lot of the Cambodians are on it.  I have 3 of them on my friend list now and that makes communication so much easier. 

My employer is trying to be matchmaker for one of her young musician friends…  she’s trying to get him together with my daughter Julia who is probably, and understandably, nervous about arranged meetings.  This man plays a mean fiddle and travels with a pretty well known country band. I suppose he’s kind of famous in some respects which doesn’t really impress me. In fact it would probably make life for whomever he marries a bit lonely and insecure unless he really is a super wonderful guy. But it makes life interesting I guess.

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