On to Cambodia, Day -1

These are my last few moments at home, in the quiet, wondering whether I’m ready.  I packed clothing several days ago and I can’t even remember what I put in the suitcase now.  All the vitamins and medecine for the orphans are in one big suitcase that is giving me weight problems.  If I put it all in it may be a couple pounds overweight and there is a big fee for that – much more than the products are worth. Some of it has to be ready to go in my carry-on luggage, but it can’t be a liquid because all the liquids I’m carrying are in larger bottles than the permitted 3 oz. I’m just going to have to work it out tomorrow at the airport. Maybe their scales are different from mine. Maybe they’ll let it pass if it’s close. Are gummy vitamins considered gels? Maybe I can’t put those large bottles in my carry-on either.  I feel a little numb and wish I could go to bed now.

We just had a meal at the local Denny’s, open on Christmas and every other holiday.  I ate a sandwich that had turkey and stuffing in it.  Bread in bread.  Sounds real healthy, and the only vegetable was the french fries. Oh and the ketchup. I should have eaten smarter. But, like I said, I feel numb and that affects food choices as well as packing suitcases.

I am going to quit and go to bed. Anything I forget to pack I can probably live without. After all, there are people over there in Cambodia who live just fine on stuff they get there. I could do that too. I’ve found my glasses (pretty important), my driver’s license that I’d misplaced (also important) and my passport and my money. So on to the challenge of getting some sleep before the arduous journey tomorrow.  Hmm… wonder what movies they’re showing on the plane?

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