Pain Chronicles

It’s been a week with more than the usual amount of pain. Pain in the neck.  I’ve heard that expression many times before but now it takes on new meaning because I know more about pain in the neck. The chiropractor came into the office on a day off just to adjust me and apparently I have a C2 out of place.  The muscles around it are too tight and he couldn’t get it to go back into place fully.  He’s going to adjust it again on Monday and he’s looking for a definite “clunk”, as he calls it, when it’s back in it’s normal position. He says I will know.  I feel a little better just from what he did today, that and the ice pack I have strapped around my neck.

Julie is visiting this weekend.  The vet students are on semester break and she was able to catch a ride to Bradenton with one of her friends.  I was relieved she didn’t ride her motorcycle down, at night, on the interstate. I have concern about people on motorcycles even though I know many travel safely on them.  Of course the person with the motorcycle always feels they are being reasonably careful and I have never seen anyone get talked out of riding one, so I’m not going to try.  I will accept and pray.  This is life ( unless it is death, which unfortunately it sometimes is…).  I enjoy Julie’s visits even though she is usually pretty busy  planning catch up visits with friends.  We slept in, then had a wonderful breakfast of Pumpkin Ginger pancakes and some kind of honey/creme fraiche sauce with raspberries and blackberries. I would have posted a beautiful picture of it but I’m never good at getting food pictures before things are half eaten. They don’t look so good at that point.

All for now. I don’t think it’s good for my neck to be in computer position. Besides this is pretty boring content… I’m just sayin’.

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