Well, it seems that another part of me is giving up the fight.  And it’s the part that the rest of my body had voted the most influential and likeable – my eyes.  I’m not going blind, but I am developing cataracts, and at a younger age than most people do. My doctor and I tried to figure out why this might be and couldn’t come up with any real reason.  Back “in the old days” no one was warning about sun damage to skin or eyes like they do today. I thought sunglasses were more for decoration than necessity. I don’t remember having any except one time when I got pink eye and needed to hide the scariness of it. I suppose I could have gotten more exposure than was good for me.

So I heard it mentioned that a cataract was starting a year or so ago but I couldn’t tell. There was nothing I was told to do about it.  And then just lately, in the last couple of months, I have noticed that I was squinting to focus when reading. Every word would have a shadow of itself which made it look fuzzy. My eyes would get tired quickly and it wasn’t fun to read.  But the interesting thing was that the problem was only when I was wearing my contacts, not when wearing my glasses. And this is why – the cataract that is worst is in my right eye, the one that is designated as my reading eye.  I have monovision contacts with the left contact correcting my far vision and the right eye correcting my near vision.  When I look at things through my contacts, my brain decides to see only the clearest image from whichever eye sees it and ignores the other.  So with contacts the only eye capable of seeing close things was starting to be affected by the cataract.  With glasses both eyes see far and near.

Now I have switched from monovision contacts to ones that do the same corrections that my glasses do. They transition from far to near in each eye. And the good news is that even though I’ll probably need cataract surgery in the next three years, after I have it,  I won’t need glasses at all.  That is truly amazing.  I’ve always hated wearing glasses.  I can hardly wait.

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