The Visit

Last night as I was falling asleep I had some really good thoughts to put on my next post and I went over them several times in my mind rather than getting up and writing them down.  It didn’t work so well. I can’t remember them.  I was thinking on the subject of Esther and Jonathan’s visit over the holiday.  We don’t really get to see each other very often and don’t know whether we are going to feel like strangers or kin when we do get together.  It’s a very natural phenonmenon that after ten years of marriage and living on their own away from either of their childhood homes, they would have developed their own family culture (aaaaagh – they/ve become coffee snobs!). In some ways Esther is still the person I remember and in other ways she is someone else that I need to get to know.  All this to say that I think we both had a degree of anxiety and wanted our time together to be everything good that it could be. 

And it was good for me.  I would say that the only regret  I have is that the time was short – and that couldn’t be helped. There are people on both sides of their family in this area and Jonathan had not seen his sister for years and needed to spend time with her as well.  My good memories of the visit are: watching Jonathan work on the quilt while watching Moonshiners (not his choice of show), Esther with pumpkin pie in front of her almost constantly, sitting around the front door at night talking, hugs in various places, walking the beach and the River Walk, reading Amichai poems and old journal entries, listening to car talk about jobs and life in Seattle, the sacrificial 6:30 am goodby time,  and the hugs. Did I mention I loved the hugs?

I love you Jonathan and Esther. Thanks so much for coming.

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